Hello world!

Hi, my name is Heather and welcome to my blog, Bleeding Through Spirit and Matter! Being a lifelong psychic medium, I have experienced countless phenomena that have been exciting, scary, deeply moving and extremely odd to say the least. These curious happenings throughout my life have ignited a deep passion within me to investigate, understand and share through a scholarly voice, that various spiritual and esoteric experiences can show us that life as we know it, is filled with way more dimension, magic and unlimited possibility than we may realize.

Bleeding through spirit and matter is another way of saying that just like matter and energy, the barrier between our bodies and our spirit is permeable, one influencing the other and in essence, are one in the same, just different ends of the spectrum. There are many “spiritual” practices that focus on transcending the body or have an ascending model to enlightenment. The path towards transformation and enlightenment, however, isn’t always clean or something to ascend to. It is my experience that we have to get messy,descend into the depths and darkness within ourselves and if anything, include our bodies in this process or else we are missing the bigger picture of who we are and all that we encompass.

I am excited to take this adventure with you, exploring the different avenues of spirituality, esoteric phenomena and even more importantly, exploring ways in which we can both ascend and descend into ourselves as a way to more fully enhance and bring about transformation.